Quality Craftsmanship


Cabinet Making

At Avery Boardman, hand craftsmanship is combined with the latest in modern technology and materials to create the highest quality casegoods in the world. Each design is built to order one at a time in a collaborative environment. Engineers, craftsmen, finishing and quality control descend on case piece refining the details for aesthetics and durability. Most pieces are created by rough cutting solid hardwoods. If required the finest veneers are hand taped and applied for a beautiful exterior.

The unparalleled experience and craftsmanship of the Avery Boardman cabinetmakers is the key to the creation of your heirloom quality casegoods.


Upholstered Seats & Backs

We weave extremely durable modern webbing on the base of the frame to attach springs to. Care is taken to evenly distribute each belt.

Steel back springs are installed on the frame. Once webbing and back springs are installed we will spend another 2 hours hand tying the seats springs - each with 8 knots.


Eight-Way Hand Tying

Each piece of upholstered furniture created at Avery Boardman incorporates the tried & true construction method of eight-way hand tying. This process allows for hardened steel coil springs to be held in place by an intricate web of support wires, helical springs and eight-way hand ties which are secured to the wood frame.

It's labor-intensive, creates a more comfortable, more durable piece of furniture and it's the right way to build upholstered furniture.


Fabric Receiving

Here at Avery Boardman we match each roll of fabric with your order, insure adequate yardage, and inspect every inch of the fabric for flaws or defects. Our technicians tag any defects in the fabric so the cutters can work around them. A defect can include "picks", light and dark areas, or anything visually or physically wrong. We also check the grain of all textiles to make sure they are straight and comparable to the high standard we uphold.



Like many of our craftspeople, our finishers come from families who make their living in the furniture industry. From glazing, to finishing, to dry brushing, some finishes have as many as 15 steps. These skilled artisans use their trained eye to match each step with flawless precision.



We always have quality on our minds. Whether using 220 grit and hand sanding, or using 100 grit on a palm sander, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship. Here at Avery Boardman "inspect, inspect, inspect" is our motto. Every employee has the power to reject any piece that they deem to be flawed in any way.


Outside Upholstery

Applying the finishing touches to upholstery requires craftsmen specifically trained for this task. For this reason each piece of Avery Boardman upholstery makes a dedicated stop with an Outside Upholsterer who installs nailheads, trim, skirts, hand stitched seams and applies other finishing details.


Inside Upholstery

A senior upholster at Avery Boardman says he treats every order as if it were being made form him. This attitude in addition to hundreds of years of combined experience make each piece of Avery Boardman upholstery a one-of-a-kind work of art. Button tufting, applying welt, and covers is all done by hand to designeres exact customer specifications.

We recognize that attention to detail and experience are the differentiators when it comes to upholstery and we have sought out the best upholsters in the furniture capital of the world to insure that we bring you unparalleled quality.



The sewers at Avery Boardman have learned their craft from the generations that have come before them in the heart of furniture country in High Point, NC. Whether sewing leather or fine silk or heavily textured textiles our experienced sewers have the skills to expertly assemble covers, welting and trim so that it is not only durable but highly tailored for our upholsterers.

The sewers at Avery Boardman review each design, the cut textiles and any custom requests and choose the appropriate materials an equipment with the goal to produce the best upholstery in the industry.